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Get slim and toned with yoga

tập Yoga giảm cân

Achieving a slim, toned body with Yoga comes from regular practice and Yoga’s breathing techniques. Yoga is also a perfect way to help mothers get back into shape. As you gain strength and flexibility you will notice your body becoming more toned, flexible and sexy.

Classes for a slim and toned body: Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Ashtanga and Hatha Flow

Reduce your stress

Yoga giảm căng thẳng

Yoga will reduce your stress, relax your mind and relieve the tension in your body. You will feel calm, relaxed and stress free from your first class.

Popular classes for stress relief include: Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Stretch & Sun Series

Yoga giảm căng thẳng

You will enjoy better health and deeper sleep

Yoga giúp ngủ ngon

Yoga boosts your immune system, helps lubricate your joints and gets your blood flowing to your organs. Yoga breathing techniques and improved blood flow helps your body get rid of toxins and maintain a happy healthy balance.

For better health and sleep try: Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Stretch & Sun Series

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Improved flexibility means less pains and headaches

Yoga relieves pain by easing muscle tension and improving your flexibility. One of the major causes for back pain, neck pain and headaches is muscle tension and the lack of flexibility in our muscles. All Yoga classes are suitable to relieve tension and improve flexibility.

[Please note, that while Yoga is a very effective rehabilitation method, if your back or neck pain has been caused by an injury please consult a Dr before practicing Yoga.]

5 Star yoga studios built to the highest standards

We spare no expense in giving you one of the best Yoga experiences in the world.
All of our studios are built to the highest standards to ensure your experience meets and exceeds your expectations.

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Yoga is better with authentic Yoga Masters.

We search the entire world to provide you with passionate, authentic Indian Yoga masters.
We design and build every yoga studio to 5 star standards for just for you.

HLV Yoga Kamlesh


HLV Yoga Sriram


HLV Yoga Virat


HLV Yoga Ajay


A huge variety of styles at a time to fit your busy schedule

tập Yoga

With over 50 Yoga styles, throughout our clubs, you’ll find a favourite to suit your goals. We have beginner and advanced classes for all levels and a time that suits you.

Each class lasts for 60 mins in a spacious, internationally designed 5 star studio taught by an authentic Yoga master.

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