Tập Luyện Như Người Nổi Tiếng | Trung tâm thể dục California Fitness & Yoga

Hồ Ngọc Hà

I first tried yoga to relax and de-stress but after a few years of practicing (yoga- remove), it has given me so much more than simply a feeling of well-being. Yoga has become a part of my life; yoga makes my life better.
I truly believe that yoga is for everyone. It’s a great practice that helps clear your body, clear your mind, and bring you back to your true self and what makes you authentic and creative.
By practicing yoga, I learned to stay calm, focus on my breathing, relax, and listen to myself. I bring the spirit of yoga everywhere I go and to everything I do.

Xuân Lan

I have loved keeping in shape my whole modelling career. After I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, within 6 months I came back to California Fitness & Yoga Center s to regain the body shape I once had. Coming to California, I received guidance from dedicated personal trainers. They are the true leading experts in the field of health and fitness in Vietnam and have created the training programs for many celebrities and models. I see my personal trainers at CFYC as both friends and teachers, who help me get a slender, strong and toned body even after giving birth. Thanks to the benefits of health and fitness I have achieved through training, I can confidently take on all the pressures of work, while ensuring health and playful spirit to enjoy a better life with my family.



Phương Mai

One year ago I joined CFYC and from that day on, CFYC has been the place I want to be. Creating an enhanced training and nutrition plan with my PT gave me the body I always dreamed of—slender, flexible, radiant. Working out develops discipline and trains my mind to have the determination to identify my goals and accomplish them. Working out develops discipline and trains my mind to identify my goals, as well as giving me the determination to accomplish them. As a result, I won the Vietnam Super Model Contest in 2012. I changed my life when I stopped staying out late and began a healthier lifestyle: reading books and learning new skills like how to cook nutritious food. I love knowing how to take care of my body and helping my friends and family learn the value of health and fitness. CFYC opened my mind to the importance of health by integrating fitness into my daily life. I will definitely stay with CFYC as I continue my journey ahead.

Diễm My

For the last time, because of the busy working schedule, I chose gym centers nearby my residence. From my friends, I heard of CFYC’s modern facilities and credible training programs, which I determined to spend time and put effort to achieve my dream body. I also identified my outcome of working out at CFYC was getting a toned, flexible and energetic body.

At CFYC, there are many group fitness and special training methods. But what I enjoy programs was yoga, kickfit and personal training. Particularly, personal trainng or one-on-one training brought out the best benefits to my figure and physical strenght. After five moths of training, My becomes fitter and fitter day by day. Now, when I had to work in several hours, I still find my mind conscious and my body flexible. I hope, those who come to CFYC also achieve their own goals like I did.

Hương Giang

I began to practice in California Fitness & Yoga Centers in over 2 years ago. I can confidently assert, TT California is a top fitness and entertainment in Vietnam and a familiar destination for many of the public. Yoga was what catched my heart when I join CFYC. When practicing Yoga poses, I learn about the balance and flexibily in both body and mind. At the age threshold of 30, practicing yoga and workouts interspersed with personal trainer gives me freshness in appearance and in spirit. With such interesting benefits, I no longer consider working out everyday at CFYC is a mission, but a essential part of my life. Therefore, no matter what, I tell myself to arrange approximately 45-60 minutes to exercise in order to keep my body in its best form.

Hồ Vĩnh Khoa

My diet was very bad before I joined CFYC. When I started training with my PT, I came to realize that my body is a result of what I eat and my workout regimen. Just six months after joining CFYC, my life has changed. I now have a perfect body and so much more confidence in my career. I feel joy and satisfaction in my life as I experience optimum health and fitness. Last but not least, how I feel after each workout session is wonderful. I am full of energy, ready to take on all responsibilities and challenges in my work and personal life.

Chi Pu

I believe that a strong personality is not only expressed through dress or makeup, but needs to be expressed through the body and abundant inner energy. My body is small, however no one has ever assessed me as weak or poor health. To get all the extra energy and stamina I have now, I took time to focus on training programs and receive dedicated guidance from the experts at California Fitness & Yoga Centers. After nearly two years, I feel amazing. As a lover of challenge, Mixed Martial Arts fit perfectly for me. In addition to the defensive pose, this martial art relieve stress and troubles of everyday life. Everyday is a wonderful day at CFYC.

Vũ Cát Tường

The habit of practicing at California Fitness & Yoga Centers has made the Walls really change, especially the appearance, many of whom doubt their aesthetics because their faces are much tighter than those of The Voice. The truth lies in the lifting exercises run around in the gym with coaches. If, over the years, I have not practiced under pressure and discipline, how can I forge such strength. Not only is the change in physical appearance but the most significant achievement of training is a true steel spirit.

Phạm Hương

Little to know, to possess such a toned and attractive body, Huong has undergone a rigorous training in physically and in particular a strict diet. The exercises that coaches at California Fitness & Yoga Center usually apply to the main incense are lunge, bump, jumping squat on stairs, plank ... Not only that, Huong also adhere strictly to the nutrition plan that team of body and nutrition experts of California Fitness & Yoga proposes. After only two months, Huong's body has made some really positive changes. Pham Huong's body fat percentage falls to 18%. This is an incredibly beautiful number of world beauties.