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Why is Dance so good
for you?

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A 60 minute dance class can burn up to 800 calories,
making it amazing for weight loss and a healthier life.

Dancing raises your heart rate which:

- Burns calories

- Reduces stress

- Reduces the ageing process

- Helps you fight off illness

- Boosts confidence

- Keeps you looking good

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Who can join a class?

Everyone can dance.

Dancing makes you happy, try a class and see for yourself. Our classes are suitable for everybody. You don’t need to know how to dance, just come and have fun.

Zumba: Weight Loss with
Hot Latin Tunes

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Inspired Zumba Salsa & Latin dancing.

Burn 600-800 calories per hour, improved heart health, muscle conditioning and better flexibility.
We also recommend:
SH’BAM, Sexy Dance and Dance Rhythms

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Body Jam:
Beats Flavoured For Fun

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Body Jam ultimate combination of dance and beats from many styles including House, Hip-Hop, Drum 'n Bass and Trap ... The ultimate way to a better body and better health.

We also recommend: SH’BAM, Sexy Dance, Latin Dance, Pole fit

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SH’Bam: Dance experience
not required.

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Dance your stress away with 60 minutes of the latest dance tunes and moves. You can burn up to 500 calories, improve your heart health and leave the class with a smile.

We also recommend: Belly Dance, Pole Fit, Sexy Dance, Dance Rhythms and Zumba.

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Meet Your Dance Instructors

Sexy Dance, Zumba or SH'BAM.
No matter the class, their passion and love for dance will make you forget the world outside.

Tyler Lý

Dance Instructor

Each day is a journey of moving to the music with happy people. How can I not love my life? My passion is my work – bright with laughter and smiling faces glowing from the exuberant dancing workouts. These moments bring me fulfillment and endless pride.




Les Mills certified instructor: RPM™, BodyPump™, BodyCombat™, BodyJam™. - Zumba certified instructor


BodyJam™, BodyPump™, BodyCombat™, RPM™, Dance Freestyle (Step & Aerobics), GX Orientation, Bums N Tums, Shape Up, Crunch, Cycling, Zumba, Dance Rhythms, Belly Dance, Salsa Dance.



Everyone loves music and dancing ... The lucky ones get to dance, others not.

I've worked with music and dance for 12 years. As a musician and dance instructor I understand the magic and joy music and dance can bring to the lives of people. Im passionate about bringing the best out of our members so they can feel the magic dance can bring to their lives.

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